YouShred – the social network for UK based surfers – lets surf!

You Surf. We Surf. You want to surf better, we want you to do that as well. This site will be crammed full of hints and tips to help you surf as well as you can. From beginners tips to nutritional and fitness advice , there will be something for everyone.

YouShred is a new, free social network and resource site aimed at Surfers of all description based in the United Kingdom. Join groups, meet friends new and old, plan trips or just shoot the breeze and tell stories about just how big “that” wave was.

Here at YouShred, we really don’t care what you ride – Body Board, Long board, Short board, SUP or Wind surf – all that matters is that you’re out there, in all weathers, living the life that some people only dream about.

We are Surfers. You Shred